Why I started the collection?

by | Jul 31, 2020 | About | 0 comments

Not being able to offer a personal bespoke service with customers, came apparent whilst stocking department stores.

Making hundreds of pieces became mindless, and lack of contact with people in general, I slowly lost my sparkle. A change of direction was required. Whilst having a heart to heart with my friend asked me what was my real passion. The answer, beautiful, colourful, bright shiny¬†fabrics!! How could I go about playing with these? With my personality, we thought fun, happy clothing…perhaps Drag Queens and Festival Wear! I left soooo excited!

So off I trot to all the local Summer Prides!! Dressed in sequins head to toe, we partied, met wonderful people and felt instinctively welcomed from the LGBTQ Community.

My thoughts after meeting some beautiful Trans Women during the Pride, I was keen to perhaps offer a bespoke service to these wonderful women. Next event, Trans Pride! So off I go, the first-ever in London,and was proud to join the march through London. I left that day in awe of these women and the journey they have taken to become their true selves. Absolutely incredible. I was so humbled to be welcomed and within their community.

From this day on MissChief was created.

The first part was to create a Celebration Clothing range made for EveryBody..for ALL Genders. I love the idea that EveryBody can party alongside each, just being yourself. Happy shiny people, with no agenda, no issues …enjoying life side by side and wearing my bright, fun happy collection!

The second part of the collection, offers a bespoke service especially directed for Trans Gender Women. Creating a¬† beautiful bespoke look, tailored to the needs whilst transitioning and beyond. An amazing and unique experience for my Client and Myself. To be able to assist her during such a special and challenging time, and creating the beautiful image she has craved for so long…, well, I can’t even describe how that feels to me… truly honoured.

Let’s start this story together EveryBody! Celebrate Love, Fun and Friendships, it’s going to be an! Amazing Ride!!