My Time with Trans Radio!

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Intrigued with hearing about my support within the LGBTQ community and that commissions are available for trans women, the radio station ‘Trans Radio‘ asked if I would be interested to have an interview with them and find out more about my business.

Of course I saw this as an instant opportunity to connect directly with my customers and talk to them about my work!
The lovely DJ Lucy Clark took time to interview me via telephone one evening in Jan 2021.

Taking my extensive dressmaking from the beginning we chatted, (well mainly me!!), about how MissChief came about.
From my love of specialising and bespoke clothing, being able to offer clothing to those who can’t find their needs on the High St or internet became my goal.

We spoke from my early days of creating garments from stage wear, tailoring, bridal wear and evening wear, womens plus size, and now specialising for the Trans Woman and fun active wear for Prides, festivals and sports.

Trans Radio UK have been extremely supportive towards MissChief Collections..It’s so wonderful to be within the community.
Just can’t wait to get going, especially after several lockdowns and getting to know my new lovely customers!