My Passion for Fitness!

by | May 25, 2021 | Life Style, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Ever since I can remember I was always into sports. From rounders and netball in the infants, to gaining a decathlon in athletics, playing tennis, a cycle ride around India which was a great experience, and becoming a keen bodybuilder and spinning instructor, of which I still enjoy and teach.
I was asked to pair up with another girl in my gym as she was entering a bodybuilding competition and needed a training buddy. I agreed but little did I know the owner of the gym also signed me up!! The fear of wearing tiny bikini bottoms on stage put the fear of God in me, so that diet kicked in immediately!! We had four months to get competition fit!
The food became clean, mainly protein and little to no carbs, the amount of meals increased, which I loved!!  Alcohol and sugar were banned and training became more intense. It was a complete change but slowly seeing the results made all the effort worthwhile.
Competition day arrived ,we were looking lean, very tanned!! and feeling very nervous .I didn’t place on this first one, but carried on to do another seven , winning five!
To me the love of fitness ,any sports from yoga ,dance and swim is great for my mental health and well being. We all know there are no negatives from exercise and good food, that’s why I feel it’s so important If we can encourage people of all ages, races and sexes, EveryBody,  to join in some form of exercise and activity, then we become healthy and happy together.
I’m looking forward to the Arnold Fitness Show at the NEC on the 1st of October where my Team and I will be selling my Multi Active Wear label ,MissChief. You never know, you might see me on stage in the bodybuilding competition…best get that diet kicking in!!!