MTF Size Chart

Mens to women clothing size conversion chart.

What Dress Size am I?

Finding clothes that fit perfectly can be daunting at the best of times and even more so if you are transitioning. At MissChief we have put together a simple sizing chart for you to find that perfect fit whilst shopping! 

Small Medium Large
Size 6/8 10/12 14/16 18/20
24-26 28-30 32-34 36-40
30-32 34-36 38-42 44-46

How To Measure.

The two main measurements required for tops or skirts will be the male chest or bust and waist.
For the chest or bust measurement take your tape measure across your back, under your arms and meet at the centre front. If you are MTF then measure with your bust form on, I usually measure in inches as most garments state inches on packaging.

The second measurement will be the waist. On the female form it’s easy to find as the waist naturally curves in.
For the male waistline take the tape measure above your belly button by one inch, as men tend to wear trousers and jeans lower.

So looking at the chart if I measure a 40” chest then I would buy a top size 14 – 16. If my waist measures 30”  I would be buying a skirt or trouser in a size 10 -12.

If I was looking to buy a dress, then I would buy the larger size, 14 – 16.

Other factors are choosing fabrics with stretch as perhaps a jersey or scuba fabric.
With the elastane content this will obviously give ease and a soft comfortable fit.

Not EveryBody is so evenly proportioned of course. Our Butterfly Collection will be designed towards those with broader shoulders, longer limbs and perhaps a tummy.
This will enable EveryBody to have a beautifully fitting wardrobe! After all it’s the Curves that Count!