About MissChief

MissChief Collections has been my love and passion since Spring 2019.  Putting my dressmaking skills to use, I present to you a Celebration Of Clothing … Celebrating life through fashion and fabric, bringing people of all ages, races, and gender together. Clothing for EveryBody.

The collection covers any celebration event or just because you want to be different from the rest of the crowd! From our metallic jackets, great for cruising and parties or equally teamed with denim, to our  Catsuit,  true festival fever! I believe there is something here for everyone and as we can offer up to a UK size 32, there is literally something for EveryBody!  …Curves that count! All our fabrics are made and produced here in the UK and each garment is lovingly hand made.

After spending a year enjoying meeting people of all races and genders at the summer Pride’s, LGBTQ events, and even taking part in the first Trans March in London… (One of my highlights!) Not forgetting of course meeting many Drag Queens!!  It soon became clear to me that I loved the community feel that came across…and SO many colourful people ,so much love and all so supportive towards me and my mission!! So naturally my creative side evolved!

Here at MissChief, commissions are available so if you are looking for a special event, or the ultimate Drag Gown, we can offer this unique service to you.  For the Trans Woman, during transitioning I can put together a collection tailored especially for you and your lifestyle requirements…a fool proof wardrobe… and your go to essentials.


Playing dress up and never really ending!

My first step on the ladder, taking on an apprenticeship within tailors in Bath, learning skills within the trade later proving invaluable. With the knowledge gained here I was offered to work alongside a  team producing couture bridal and evening gowns. It was here, especially that I fell in love with beautiful luxurious fabrics. Creating close-fitting garments, soon I understood the construction of bodices and how to tailor the female form, all shapes, and sizes to create stunning silhouettes.
1995 - 2018

During these years I opened my own store and created my own label specialising in women plus sizes. I soon grew a steady loyal customer base and was encouraged by agents visiting, soon stocked other boutiques across the UK and Ireland. Always looking for a challenge, I created a label for actress Lisa Riley, which I introduced to a shopping channel, and remains to be selling to this date. My next mission…I sat my label alongside High Street labels within independent department stores.

2019 – Now

Always a step ahead, I recognised the High St was struggling and decided to pull away. Taking a little time out and slowing myself, just for a short time! I decided to follow my heart and what now is apparent in my true path…MissChief Collections was born!. My new adventure begins….

If you are still reading this Thank You!!

Clothing to me is about the ability to empower ourselves…Creating an armour. I express myself through my fabrics and I design from my heart. It takes courage for many of us to be who we truly want to be and make those changes in our lives. We all need to find our true colours. So please, abuse my talent for design and dressmaking, let’s join forces, and break barriers…Life is a Celebration after all!! So embrace it and dress for it!!


Love Elaine…MissChief xxx